We love being on the water with friends and family, and want to make it easier to do more of what we love. 


We are committed to cultivating a community that is empowered to explore more, earn more, and engage more.

Boaters, residential ambassadors, towns and cities agree, we are Better Together when we Pierup.



Dock owners rent their empty slips, and enjoy a new, stress-free revenue stream.



Boaters save money and enjoy easy access to protected slips with amenities and more.



We empower our community to explore more, earn more, and engage more.

"During the season I go fishing every weekend in Ocean City. On Pierup I found a dock closer to my destination and cheaper too. I save an hour and half round trip every weekend, and about $3,000 a year. You can't beat it."

- Mike O'Donnell

Pierup Navigator

"The whole process was fast and easy, and I enjoy getting a check every month for my unused dock space. Pierup really makes it easy to share my private pier."

- Jane Bohlen

Pierup Ambassador