FAQ - Boaters on Pierup

Why boaters love Pierup!

Ahoy! New Pierup Boaters (Navigators) - find your pierfect pier, dock, slip, or moor to rent on Pierup.com and save. To highlight our service boaters pay slip owners when they rent a slip on Pierup. People paying people. Your money goes to real people that we have onboarded. Our boaters can feel safe and secure knowing they are going to get what they actually see from our awesome hosts!

Our service fee for relieving pain points we all feel renting dockage nowadays. Our service is 15% (12% Pier-to-Peer platform (us) w/ 3% paid to payment services(major carriers). On average we save boaters often between $500-$1000 dollars using Pierup. Some times even more. Residential slips extend this savings to boaters and we extend our community platform fee so we all benefit. You will see that you can add back the 3% for comparing to pay at other establishments they have that...and add on what other charges go in to their choices including a service fee. That would be a real way to look at our savings. Mom asks about savings...it pays off for us all. Thanks M! We are saving people lots of money, and earning money for local neighbors. Sharing is caring, lol. Pierup's pier to peer platform fee covers hosting, advertising, and all aspects of saving you time and money. Boaters enjoy the waterways more and be free from the hassels of planning your trips on the water with Pierup. Pierup slip sharing made simple. If you need any assistance or support just call or message us, 443-333-1010, email: ahoy@pierup.com. See you on the water! We are better together when we Pierup.

Boater profile information

Ahoy! Data security is our priority. Pierup’s requirements for signup include: full name phone number boat's dimensions (feet) type of boat email address boat's name boater's insurance On Pierup.com we make sure that our clients are safe online and safe in the water. We make sure that every boat owner has a minimum of insurance to stay at residential slips. Our minimum requirement is $500,000. Also, must submit proof of insurance before booking first slip and saving. We are better together on Pierup!

Boater's information is important

We ask everyone on Pierup for a few pieces of information before they travel on Pierup. Guests need to have this info completely filled out before they can make a reservation request. This information is important to make sure our hosts know who to expect, and how to connect with you.

Boaters - share your questions, thoughts and ideas with us!

Ahoy! We want to know what you think is important to have answered for our community.
Please connect with us and let us know. We want to know what thoughts you have so we can be even better. Please connect with us and let us know. And of course, ideas make us better...please share those with us. If it is a product, service, or platform idea we are all Piers (I had to say it...OK I didn't but it is puny...). Thank you all for your commitment to us all being better together! We are better together when we Pierup.

How boaters save with Pierup

Ahoy! Register as a boater with us. Pierup is simple and easy to use, and free to signup. We are striving to eliminate any pain points that we feel as boaters when renting dockage. Renting docks, slips, piers and moors takes time and the expense is only increasing. This is why we believe in Pierup. We want to save all of us time and money partnering with residential slip owners. Pierup will take care of the work for you, so you enjoy the water more often and explore more places. We work with homeowners to make sure you are getting a terrific deal! And so they do also...they get to meet you! We are save boaters on average 30-50% (depending on length of stay). The means 100s of dollars and even 1000s for longer term slips. We are better together! No more continuous searching to get different prices quoted from the same place...wait I called you last week...said every boater this season when calling other businesses to rent a slip. No more searching on other online sites to be told book now...wait it is gone...why is it still up! No more paid registration, or membership to join the club. No more wondering...hmmmm...is this ad to good to be true...it is, after 2 emails and a phone call...been there last year. This is all to have fun and to say we vet our community together with our registration. And make sure you get what you see. We are boaters our selves and know that saving money and time, means more time on the water! We are better together when we Pierup!